A Virtual Boy Looking Quite Dapper.

Virtual Boys are living, well, Virtual Boys of hat are made when any living thing (except other Virtual Boys, UnFakegees, and UnMalleo) are hit by the UnWeegee Stare. UnWeegee and other Virtual Boys can do it, along with some UnFakegees, though the original UnWeegee's is the strongest.

Half the Virtual Boys serve in UnWeegee's Army, while the others are normal civilians in the UnUnited Un'Gees UnUniverse. There are many Virtual Boys.

Failured Virtual BoysEditEdit

The first UnWeegee clones to ever be made were the Failured Virtual Boys. They were made when UnWeegee accidentally turned the UnFremmlin population into teenage Virtual Boys that were hated by people such as the Angry Video Game Nerd, as the UnWeegee Stare had not fully developed and he was a gopher. Those failures grew up, though they died. For unknown reasons, UnWeegee put all of them in his freezer even though they belong in UnZeegree's trash can. All of them are stegosauruses!

Differences between Virtual Boys and UnWeegeeEditEdit

Although UnWeegee seems to be distinguishable from his clones, there are some things to keep you from telling him apart. Most UnFakegees do not have these features however, unless they were originally classified as UnMalleo.

  • UnWeegee is OVER 9,000 microns taller than a Virtual Boy
  • UnWeegee has a full body of hair, his clones are bald everywhere
  • UnWeegee is 10 times weaker than any of his clones
  • Virtual Boys can talk, UnWeegee communicates through Gopher language.
  • UnWeegee is usually in his mansion instead of UnShrek
  • Other Virtual Boys will not know if one of them is UnMalleo.
  • Virtual Boys walk extemely faster than UnWeegee
  • When UnWeegee is charging his stare, his eyes glow Schmorange, the virtual boy's eyes glow red.
  • Weegee can hover up to 1/2 milimeters above the ground, Virtual Boys just die.
  • Virtual Boy's eyes are OVER 9,000 nano meters smaller than UnWeegee's