UnOpigee is the ruler of the UnOpiverse and vice president of Hell Park City. He looks like UnWeegee with giant mushrooms growing on his eyeballs. UnOpigee has the UnOpigee Stare, which make an evil clone that is the oppisite of you, me, and that guy over there, but all clones die when fed a small loan of a million dollars. This is because UnOpigee loves Donald Trump, Chip da Ripper, and Knuckles. He doesn't want to be a fleenstone, though. He just likes the money. His wife is UnOpilona. UnOpigee has two sons, UnOpisamaweegee and UnOpileeotran. His daughter-in-laws are UnOpisamapaesh and UnOpipeac. His grandchildren are UnGropalleo, UnGropeegee, and UnLeeoeac. His great-grandson is UnRikerfo.

Things he likesEdit

  • The Nutshack
  • Zombies
  • Cola and meal (no bread)
  • Attack helicopters
  • Pepsi

Things he hatesEdit

  • You
  • His dad
  • PewDiePie
  • the word hate itself
  • Devingar


Some time ago, UnOpigee was gone. There was a message left by him:

"Игра окончена"

The rest of the paper was nothing but spilled ink and blood.