UnMeegee was a Squid that was created when an UnWeegee clone kissed an UnMalleo clone during UnFuseegee's "flushing spree". UnMeegee loved to drink toilet water and became a professional drinker of toilet water saying, "If it smells bad, then it tastes good". He was at first a member of the Squidbill Fanclub, and even was with UnWeegee when he turned Wawaluigi into UnSqueegee. But he than quit the club, and betrayed UnWeegee. He then joined Wario and trained in the dark arts of farting, wanting to be the very best at it, until he had some competition with his rival, LOLSkeletons. UnMeegee then tried to pose as an UnMalleo with the UnWeegee Virus and ended up being pooped on by UnSqeegee, who thought UnMeegee was him. UnMeegee was then forced to team up with his rival, LOLSkeletons, to defeat the evil King Shadow LOLSkeletons, who rose up out of the toilet. LOLSkeletons sang Spooky Scary Skeletons to distract Shadow LOLSkeletons, while UnMeegee farted so hard that the stench burned the bones of Shadow LOLSkeletons straight to the ground. He has a brother named UnLalleo.