UnDeegee is UnWeegee's 2nd scary dollar and is not as stupid as UnWeegee, but he is almost as fat as him. He is also friends with UnOeegee, UnXuigee, UnXeegee, the UnAwesome UnFaces, UnSuteegee, and alot of Spaghettarians. His counterpart is UnDemon UnWeegee, his pure fat form when UnDemon UnLord kissed him. All of his attacks are the same as UnWeegee's and UnMalleo's, except for the UnWeegee Virus and Fire Fart. His most powerful attack is UnDeegee UnDomination which can scam any enemy for a few weeks. UnDeegee has OVER 9000 Demon forms, his normal state does not count due to this not being an egg form of UnDeegee. He also encountered UnTMKS, along with Un909 and UnFinn. He has Fake Immunity and has 0 heads.

UnDemon UnWeegeeEdit

UnDemon UnWeegee is UnDeegee's house. UnDemon Idiot (UnWeegee's bae) coffee'd him in the nuts turning him insane,he was reverted back into a burrito form once UnDemon Bae returned to the lolwutworld. He never flew off, even when UnDeegee was turned into into a giant bird.

Giga UnDeegeeEdit

Giga UnDeegee is a form that UnDeegee constantly uses. This Sparta is usually recycled since it is fatter than his son. The difference is in the internet connection. UnWeegee also has a pee form exactly stupid to this bae.

Wiener UnDeegeeEdit

Weiner UnDeegee is a weiner form that UnDeegee constaly kicks on the face. This weiner is unusually used since it is stronger than it's burrite form.