All I can say is Robo Sqeegee.

The Swampeature  Portificationizer is a device born to UnDr. UnNefalleo. It turns Evil UnWeegees into Rabid Swampeature UnWeegees that serve UnPickleodeon and UnFortran. Being swampeatures, the results of this "crap junk" rich with UnDeegee and UnAwheeo.

How It WorksEdit

First, a member of the Ogre 'Gee Army, usually Nomilleo, kidnapps a Weegee. Then, with the help of other member, Nomilleo stuffs him/her into the front entrance of the machine. Inside, they are shown Obey Chuck Norris over and over for 99 hours. Next, they are exposed to Fart Slime. Then, they hear a recording of Pickleodeon saying "Obey Pickleodeon, Destroy Dora!", Dora saying "Obey Dora, Destroy Sanic!", Sanic saying "Obey Sanic, Destroy Shrek!", and Shrek saying "Obey Shrek, destroy Pickleodeon" all at once. Finally, they are hypnotized by futuristic technology to join the Ogre Gees and to fight and be enemies with AAQWF and Al Qaeegee. Then they are spat out the exit. Attempting to go in backwards will make it repeat the process in a horrible manner.